Karin Hald 


An Echo Calling Out to Myself (EN

Kroppens Umulige Sprog (DA)

The Impossible Language of the Body (EN

Blomst, buket (DA)

Flower, bouquet (EN)

7 (situeret viden) (DA)  

7 (situated knowledge) (EN)

Ritual for pilgrimme (DA)

Rituals for pilgrims (EN) 

Emotional check-in (DA

Emotional check-in (EN)

Til hvem det måtte vedkomme (DA)

To whom it may concern (EN)

Afsmitning (DA) 

How can I recognize you? (EN

Palimpsest (DA)

Palimpsest (EN)

Ømme dupper (DA)

Tender Buttons (EN)   

Kritik/reflektioner (DA

Critique/reflections (EN

Kuratering (DA)

Curatorial (EN)

Om og kontakt (DA)

About and contact (EN)

7 (situated knowledge)

Site specific installation, PDCL film & timer 
C4 Projects, København

The show I see you are (not) there dealt with notions related to expanded photography, through the framework of intimacy and spirituality.

My work is a site-specific installation, where PDCL film has been installed on the surface of c4 Projects window, which faces the street. PDCL film contains liquid crystals, and when current is added it becomes opaque, otherwise it is transparent. The film is on for 7 minutes, then off for the same amount of time.

The work makes the viewer able or unable to see the show from the outside or the world from the inside.

I was in the work interested in examining Donna Haraways notions on situated knowledge, where she emphasizes a critique of objectivity in relation to science and especially sight and the gaze (the God trick).

There is no innocent gaze, everything is determined by perspective, context and situation.

Spirituality is easily confused with organized religion or superstition, so let me clarify how spirituality is thought and lived in my opinion: everything is connected. This understanding, when thought to its fullest, means that spirituality entails that all hierarchies are made visible, rethought and removed whenever possible...

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