Karin Hald 


An Echo Calling Out to Myself (EN

Kroppens Umulige Sprog (DA)

The Impossible Language of the Body (EN

Blomst, buket (DA)

Flower, bouquet (EN)

7 (situeret viden) (DA)  

7 (situated knowledge) (EN)

Ritual for pilgrimme (DA)

Rituals for pilgrims (EN) 

Emotional check-in (DA

Emotional check-in (EN)

Til hvem det måtte vedkomme (DA)

To whom it may concern (EN)

Afsmitning (DA) 

How can I recognize you? (EN

Palimpsest (DA)

Palimpsest (EN)

Ømme dupper (DA)

Tender Buttons (EN)   

Kritik/reflektioner (DA

Critique/reflections (EN

Kuratering (DA)

Curatorial (EN)

Om og kontakt (DA)

About and contact (EN)


Oil and ink filled felt and newsprint, plexiglass, text, video and audio

Malmö Art Museum, Malmö
Halmlageret, Copenhagen
Kritiker magazine, Sweden


The works consist of newsprint, which is run through the printing press when the newspaper of the day is printed. The clean newsprint absorbs the excess color of today's press, which then is seen as an abstract pattern. At the same time, there are felt rolls, which are arranged according to the SMYK colors, which are changed once a week.

The works were based on a tactile and formalistic approach to language and language comprehension, and were created after a period in which I had not been able to read and write due to a traumatic experience.