Karin Hald 


An Echo Calling Out to Myself (EN

Kroppens Umulige Sprog (DA)

The Impossible Language of the Body (EN

Blomst, buket (DA)

Flower, bouquet (EN)

7 (situeret viden) (DA)  

7 (situated knowledge) (EN)

Ritual for pilgrimme (DA)

Rituals for pilgrims (EN) 

Emotional check-in (DA

Emotional check-in (EN)

Til hvem det måtte vedkomme (DA)

To whom it may concern (EN)

Afsmitning (DA) 

How can I recognize you? (EN

Palimpsest (DA)

Palimpsest (EN)

Ømme dupper (DA)

Tender Buttons (EN)   

Kritik/reflektioner (DA

Critique/reflections (EN

Kuratering (DA)

Curatorial (EN)

Om og kontakt (DA)

About and contact (EN)

Forlaget Gestus (Gesture Press) is a site-specific exhibition concept, which is inspired by both art and publishing practices. In close collaboration with artists, who use language and writing as an integrated part of their practice, an artist book is made in relation to each exhibition. Gesture Press works towards an equation of text and image making and thereby an equal dialog between both modes of expression. Not descriptions of or arguments for the artwork, but an interaction, which creates a new an abstract language, which tie together these (often separated) worlds.