Karin Hald 


An Echo Calling Out to Myself (EN

Kroppens Umulige Sprog (DA)

The Impossible Language of the Body (EN

Blomst, buket (DA)

Flower, bouquet (EN)

7 (situeret viden) (DA)  

7 (situated knowledge) (EN)

Ritual for pilgrimme (DA)

Rituals for pilgrims (EN) 

Emotional check-in (DA

Emotional check-in (EN)

Til hvem det måtte vedkomme (DA)

To whom it may concern (EN)

Afsmitning (DA) 

How can I recognize you? (EN

Palimpsest (DA)

Palimpsest (EN)

Ømme dupper (DA)

Tender Buttons (EN)   

Kritik/reflektioner (DA

Critique/reflections (EN

Kuratering (DA)

Curatorial (EN)

Om og kontakt (DA)

About and contact (EN)

"It is interesting how the critic can easily be attributed to having value as a truth-teller, and here I am thinking of the critic who does not go about his profession as an investigation and with humility, and who therefore also assigns markings, such as hearts in Politiken, for that the reader can thereby easily decode exactly how good or bad the work is - because that is exactly where a lot of criticism occurs: projecting a (subjective) opinion about a work, as a conclusion, and where it is determined whether it has succeeded or not."

Tårnby Park Performance Festival, 


Collective Satisfaction - practices of consent and decision-making in non-hierachical collaboration


Constellation of the Heart