Karin Hald 


An Echo Calling Out to Myself (EN

Kroppens Umulige Sprog (DA)

The Impossible Language of the Body (EN

Blomst, buket (DA)

Flower, bouquet (EN)

7 (situeret viden) (DA)  

7 (situated knowledge) (EN)

Ritual for pilgrimme (DA)

Rituals for pilgrims (EN) 

Emotional check-in (DA

Emotional check-in (EN)

Til hvem det måtte vedkomme (DA)

To whom it may concern (EN)

Afsmitning (DA) 

How can I recognize you? (EN

Palimpsest (DA)

Palimpsest (EN)

Ømme dupper (DA)

Tender Buttons (EN)   

Kritik/reflektioner (DA

Critique/reflections (EN

Kuratering (DA)

Curatorial (EN)

Om og kontakt (DA)

About and contact (EN)


Karin Hald holds a MFA from Malmö Art Academy as well as a MFA from Literary Composition from HDK-Valand. She is a curator and editor within Forlaget Gestus (Gesture Press), which she co-founded in 2015. 

Hald works between publishing technologies, bodies, politics, performance and writing. 
Hald has an activist approach to art and literature, and is continuously searching for subversive methods of undermining existing hierarchies. 




Soloexhibition at The Round Tower, Copenhagen, May 2024, curated by Paola Paleari


2022: MFA, Artistic Research, Konsthögskolan i Malmö, Lund University, Malmö, Sverige

2018: MFA, Literary Composition, Academy Valand, Gothenburg, Sweden

2015: MFA, Malmö Art Academy, Lund University, Malmö, Sweden

2013: BFA, Malmö Art Academy, Lund University, Malmö, Sweden

Selected exhibitions:

2023: Kunstnerboken: unik og mangfoldig (The Artist Book: Unique and Diverse), Kristiansand Kunsthall, groupshow, curateret af Codex Polaris, Kristiansand

2022: Kroppens Umulige Sprog (The Bodies Impossible Language), together with Filip Vest and Stina Strange Thue, Teater FÅR302 in collaboration with HAUT

2022:  Hjorterod, Seglblad, Salepgøgeurt, Stor Gyvelkvæler og Opret Kobjælde, KunstØ, groupshow, Samsø

An Echo Calling Out to Myself, groupshow, Inter Arts Center, Malmö

2021:  Blomst, buket, solo performance, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus         

         Blomst, buket, Performative reading, Havebiennalen, Herlev           

2020: I see you are (not) there, c4Projects, curated by Rikke Ehlers Nilsson, Stine Gro, Katrine Skovsgaard & Karin Hald

2020: Emotional Check-in, C.off, Stockholm, In collaboration with dancer Katrine Staub, curated by  Izabella Borzecka

2019: Volymer, DELFI, Malmö, Sweden, curated by Filip Vest

2018: Spooning, with Ingrid Furre, Gesture Press, Copenhagen 

2019: Between Signal and Noise, Gallery Q, Copenhagen, curated by Marina Dubia

2018: Show up, Røm, Copenhagen, curated by Anne Torpe

2018: Riso, Bladr, Copenhagen, curated by Stine Friis Møller

2017: Kunstnerbøger (Artist books), Lunds Konstmuseum, curated by Thomas Millroth

2016: Periplum, Gallery Rostrum, Malmö, Sweden, curated by Magdolna Szabó

2016: Griddy Grit, Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, Skanör, Sweden, curated by Mattias Tönnheim

2015: Anna-Lisa Thomson Till Minne, Uppsala Castle, Uppsala, Sweden, curated by Rebecka Wigh Abrahamsson

2015: Edstranska Stiftelsen Stipendiater 2015, KHM Gallery, Malmø, curated by Gertrud Sandqvist

2015: We will push the ship from shore and let it drift towards the darkest of oceans, Malmö Art Museum, Malmö, curated by Gertrud Sandqvist, Joachim Koester and Emily Wardill

2015: The Hot Show, Gallery Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen, curated by Rasmus Stenbakken


2020: Blomst, buket (Flower, bouquet), novel. published by Antipyrine, editor Mathias Kokholm 

2019: Dobbeltportræt, Tydningen, edited Filip Lindberg

2018: Vi skriver i munden på hinanden, Mr. Antipyrine # 4, edited by Mikkel Thykier and Mikkelt Bolt

2018: Afsmitning, Nordic Book Art Project, edited by Megan Adie and Imi Maufe

2018: Hvordan vil jeg genkende mig selv?, afterword in “ikkööhäik – I'm ok”, Forlaget Gestus

2017: Palimpsest, Kritiker # 44, edited by Ylva Gripfelt

Forlaget Gestus, as curator and editor: 

2020: I see you are (not) there, c4 Projects, Copenhagen

2020: In hindsight I will continue to have continuous insights, with Abbas Zahedi, Samara Sallam, Monia Sander, Marina Dubia, Nathanael Araújo & Sofia Niazi, Bladr, Copenhagen

2019: Backward sway, Upper Beam, Forward swivel, Lower bound, Marie Raffn, TeaK Dance Studio, Helsinki

2018: ikkööhäik – I'm ok, Maarit Mustonen & Anne Naukkarinen, Forlaget Gestus, Copenhagen 2018: Spooning, Ingrid Furre, Copenhagen

2017: Kroppens Kalke, collaboration with bookshop Minus1, with Rasmus Halling Nielsen, Maarit Mustonen, Gideonsson/Londré, Copenhagen

2017: Wasting my grammar, Cia Rinne, The Basement, Copenhagen

2016: Niveauer af usikkerhed, Marie Bonfils, Hawaii Bio, Copenhagen


2022: Residency at The Danish Institute in Rome

2020: Residency at Anne Grethes Hus, Provence, France

2019: Residency at Statens Værksteder for Kunst, January 2019

2018: Part of The Artistic and Curational Thing, Sixtyeight Art Institute, Copenhagen

2018: Part of MABB, Malmö Artist´s book Biennial, Malmö

2018: Part of panel discussion at Malmö Konsthall entitled Artist books so what?

2017: Part of Lille Bogdag (independent publishers day), Copenhagen

2017: Recipient of Gustaf Packeléns Fond grant for Forlaget Gestus

2017: Recipient of Knud Højgaards Grant for Forlaget Gestus

2017: Residency at Göschenen, Göschenen, CH

2016: Recipient of Danish Art Councils 2-year workgrant for Forlaget Gestus

2015: Co-founder and editor at Forlaget Gestus, with Cecilie Meng 

2015: Recipient of Edstranska Stiftelsens scholarship

2015: Recipient of Anna-Lisa Thomson Till Minne scholarship